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Club Timetable

Please keep an eye on our timetable as it is subject to change due to the pandemic.

Our Services

We provide a variety of services and support for vulnerable families and young adults.


We are in desperate need of man power due to lack of volunteers. Can you help?

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Find out about our charity and the work we do in the local community

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Weekly group


Our small court yard has been specially adapted for those with physical disabilities.


Our Garden club is something we encourage all ages to join in, young or old, abled and disabled, everyone enjoys their time. Every year we hold weekly clubs to plan, design and plant our court yard, we grow a variety of plants/vegetables depending on what themes or ideas we have.  Everything we grow is 100% organic.

We are hoping to continue the community spirit this year after our short closure during Janet’s sick leave and revive our much neglected borders. We are hoping to build a new group of members and volunteers to help rebuild our borders back to their full health so that future families can benefit from our courtyard.


Not only have our garden club members benefited from the court yard, but every family that comes to Clearly Speaking for help and support.

We need garden volunteers!

The garden is so nice and peaceful and is being cared for by all clubs on site.


Our garden project helps to feed in to our cooking project and we were really pleased to receive support from Santander who came to put up the long awaited greenhouse which now stands in the garden and has begun to grow the vegetables filling the garden which we are working together on with the Youth Centre.

This new friendship between our two charities on site has benefited all children and young people.  Our increased time in the Youth Centre has contributed to their funding, something we hope to continue years to come.


Thanks to the hard work of our volunteers and families who maintain, donate and ensure our garden BORDERS are looked after, our court yard has won awards for several years in a row.

We need your help?

Can you help us by donating any of the following:

  • Bedding and sensory plants
  • Vegetable seeds of any kind
  • Bags of compost, Manure or top soil
  • Small potting pots or seed trays
  • Bulbs/Seedlings
  • Slug Pellets
  • Spare timber, railway sleeps (any length)

As always we are also looking for volunteers to help us maintain and water our courtyard on a weekly basis to ensure the area is a welcoming and clean for all children and families. If you are interested, please visit our volunteer page to apply.

Thanks to Santander completing our new greenhouse, we now have the opportunity to grow under cover year round.

We will be setting up two new associated clubs (to be announced) designed to encourage new members and adults who may have been missed out in the past.

We will be holding gardening sessions throughout the year if volunteers can offer a few days they are free and we will also be holding a family BBQ towards the end of summer to celebrate this space. (Dates will be posted nearer the time)

If you are interesting in coming down and taking part please give us a call or email. We hope our garden will be a happy, peaceful place for all to enjoy.