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Our Services

We provide a variety of services and support for vulnerable families and young adults.


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Find out about our charity and the work we do in the local community

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Clearly Speaking

Specialist Children and Family
Support Centre

Who Are We?

Clearly Speaking is an approachable, professional, caring support service for families and front line professionals. We offer independent specialist support for all families and individuals in and around Buckinghamshire and the surrounding counties who have children/young people or adults from birth to 25 years of age who have any level of special needs and disabilities. Due to increased demand, we will also be holding activities and support groups for adults over 25 years. (please see Activity group section in the main menu for more)

We have over 15 years of experience, having designed specialist support programs and intervention which have not only been adopted by numerous other charities and support services, but for the sole benefit of thousands of families who are members of Clearly. We have the needed privacy at our local Buckingham Centre to meet with families or young people, as well as the space and independence to offer all our services and support/activity groups onsite for all families who come to Clearly Speaking.

We can assess young people and adults who appear to have fallen through the net and who may be really struggling with key aspects of becoming independent adults due to their difficulties with social communication, self-esteem and confidence issues.

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We have a variety of volunteer roles suitable for all abilities and ages as well as new trustee positions.

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Our Services

We welcome self-referrals by phone or email to access our specialist services free of charge.

We work with children and young people who struggle with a wide range of difficulties suchas self-harm, low self esteem, eating disorders, difficulties remaining on any task, even when self imposed, difficulties feeling positive or accepted, associated challenging behaviours, bipolar disorder, psychosis and sensory integration difficulties.

During our weekly clinic we can identify any underlying difficulties causing significant barriers to making good progress towards social relationships, employment or training etc.

We have a wide range of local referral streams we can initiate after an informal assessment.

Our Services

Volunteer with us

We work with children and young people who struggle with a wide range of difficulties.

Our director Janet Nicks specialises in supporting families who may have a family member with hidden special needs and disabilities, such as Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Asperger’s Syndrome, and Autism, Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder, learning difficulties and the wide range of associated difficulties such as depression, anxiety disorders, mental health difficulties, and social communication difficulties.

Give us a call to find out more and register for our services on 01280 824871

We offer a range of practical, specialist clubs and activities alongside our advice, guidance and support. We will always aim to return your calls, although please do keep trying as at times we are extremely busy, which can cause delays on our part, we would hate to miss your enquiry.

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Common  Questions


We are located in Buckingham, and serve all of Bucks and the surrounding counties including Milton Keynes but our reach has extended to  many areas of the UK just because of our unique and specialist services which are getting harder to find with the government cutbacks.  If you can travel to us, we will do our best to support and advise you, at the very least we can direct you to another service closer to home.

ARe you a free service or do i need to pay?

We are free at point of contact yes! Although we could charge a lot for the services we provide, it’s important to our director that everyone has access to essential help and support, especially as she knows first hand how difficult the system is to navigate bringing up her own children with special needs as a single parent. Janet accepts contribution based pricing where you donate what you can, whether it’s money, time or perhaps some craft and food for our clubs.

Please note, our clubs and activities are not free unless stated, we charge a small fee per person, (group discounts available to help cover the costs of craft, food, and volunteer travel expenses.) If you are in recite of benefits do let us know as we don’t want you to be left out due to costs.

Please contact us and we can discuss your needs further.

How can i make a donation to your charity?

We accept online donations via our website which uses PayPal, please take a look. If you prefer, we also accept cheques and cash that you can either mail to us or pop down and hand in at reception. If your not sure send us an email or give us a call.

We are always happy to receive donations in the form of toys and games, games consoles, IT equipment, furniture suitable for our centre, as well as food for our clubs and gardening supplies. Perhaps you might even have something we can hand out to our families.

DO I NEED A REFERRAL to access your service?

No! We encourage parents, carers, and young people to self-refer themselves. Simply contact us via phone or email and we will talk you through the next steps to register with our charity so you can receive access to all our organisations specialist services free of charge.

(Please note to take part in our activities, you must register your child/yp so we can ensure to meet their requirements.)

Families can also be referred by any of the local statutory agencies suchas GPs, CAMs, Schools and nurseries, healthcare, social care, Adviza and youth advisory services etc… whether your contacting us on behalf of a client/patient or just curious about our service and wish to work with us just pop us an email at or give us a call on 01280 824871

I’ve left a message but haven’t heard back, help?

First, please accept our apologies for any delays. We have recently lost a few of our long term volunteers/trustees along with some big grants forcing us to reduce the amount of hours spent on admin.  We are sadly another underfunded, overstretched charity doing the best we can with the resources and man hours we have available.

We ask if you can be as patient as possible, and ensure you give us all your contact info by phone and email so we can be sure to get in touch quickly.

I would like to volunteer, how do i apply?

We have a number of year round roles involved at all levels our our charity including openings for trustees. We welcome abled and disabled volunteers aswell as provide volunteering opportunities for all ages and abilities. 

We are always on the lookout for help in the garden and kitchen as well as help with social media and maintenance of our website. Take a look on our volunteer page and apply using the form provided.

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