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We provide a variety of services and support for vulnerable families and young adults.


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About Us

Find out about our charity and the work we do in the local community

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About Us

Clearly Speaking has been around since 2001 working with hundreds of families and young people  in need.

We launched our first independent family centre in 2010, taking over the old caretakers house next door to Buckingham youth centre, making it the perfect spot for us being close to local schools and other youth services while being on the bus route.

Janet has directed Clearly for over 20 years with outstanding success.

We have grown strength to strength thanks to the hard work and dedicated of our volunteers and trustees. Least not forgetting our Project Director and Special Needs Consultant Janet Nicks who formed Clearly Speaking from her home and expanded Clearly into the charity it is today. Later forming sister charity Clearly Cool Clubs that house our specialist activities and clubs.

We specialise in providing both help and advice, with services and intervention for families living with special needs suchas Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Aspergers Syndrome and all associated difficulties like D.A.M.P, ADHD, specific learning issues like Dyslexia aswell as Torrettes

We are Dedicated to improving the lives of families and young people who struggle with any level of special needs or disability.

We offer a range of practical, specialist clubs and activities alongside our advice, guidance and key worker intervention and support. We will always aim to return your calls, although please do keep trying as at times we are extremely busy, which can cause delays on our part, we would hate to miss your enquiry.

We work hard to address the inequality experienced by children and young people throughout their lives as they work hard to build social relationships and friendships.

We  provide opportunities for children, young people and their families to enjoy the feeling of belonging and of success whenever possible. The national shortage of provision across all statutory services and the subsequent strain on local charities and voluntary organisations such as ours has seen our organisation grow very quickly.

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Janet Nicks, Our Project Director who just happens to be a Special Needs Consultant.

Our camera shy director, Janet Nicks is a parent of two (now grown adults) children, one with ADHD/ ODDe and Asperger’s Syndrome, while the other suffers with significant medical needs alongside ASD, Dyspraxia and learning difficulties. Both continue to receive help and support from Janet while they both also supported Janet to build the charitable organisation to benefit others who need essential guidance and support.

Janet has spent much of the time raising her children alone and at key points, with only state benefits as income.

It was for this reason she setup a charitable arm to the growing business. She feels that no child should be disadvantaged due to race, creed or their parent’s difficulty in accessing a high quality of advice and support due to financial or educational restraints.

Janet experienced first hand the anxiety and frustration fighting for diagnosis and resources to enable her children to make progress in all areas of their development. She has spent much time raising her children alone and at times, with only benefits as income.

Janet struggles with her own physical disabilities aswell as her long term battle with cancer. Now wheelchair bound making mobility a real struggle. Janet is an unstoppable force despite all that has been thrown at her.

Janet is determined not to allow her health to prevent her essential and life saving work in the community or the services many have come to reply on.

Either through her outreach work with other schools and services, or by the many programs or activities and clubs she has built up over 20 years, Janet continues to offer hundreds of families and young people respite and support where the system has failed them.

By having local access to the centre, it allows Janet to see families on a regular basis instead of travelling around the countryside which has become more challenging now she is reliant on taxis and volunteers to help her get around.