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Please keep an eye on our timetable as it is subject to change due to the pandemic.

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We have worked hard to prepare the centre and have taken all necessary precautions recommended by the government. For the foreseeable future, all existing activity groups have been cancelled and we will be running outdoor based (when possible) specialist groups for smaller numbers during the week. We cannot offer any drop-in support because this means we cannot provide the safe support everyone needs.

On your arrival, please wear face coverings and be prepared to drop off your child/young person at the front door so we can avoid cross contamination and enforce social bubbles. The centre is marked with safety signs throughout for safe social distancing.

All those attending Clearly will be asked to sign a form to state that you have read and understood the requirements of being onsite that you will work with us to keep family members safe and well, and that of all who are on the site of our Children and family centre over the weeks ahead.  This will also state that children and young people will do all they can to also stay within the rules we have set out for everyone who is at ‘Clearly’.

Any child who appears to have any symptoms of the corona 19-virus when being brought to the centre, will be asked to leave and to be checked by their GP or an appropriate nurse or doctor.  They will not be able to be left with a member of the Clearly team until another relative can come to pick them up. They will remain within the responsibility of their family.

We now have a strict one-way system, everyone must enter through the front door where you must sign in with your personal contact info by a member of our team. At the end of the session, you must sign out with a member of our team and exit through the black gates to the rear of our centre where your family can pick you up.


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If you are interested in taking part in any of our clubs/sessions, both new and existing members will need to register/re-register  for free and we will require you to sign our new registration form – inline with new covid 19 changes (If you are an existing family member of Clearly, we may be able to do this by phone or Zoom) which must be completed with either Janet Nicks or a member of our team. Please call now on 01280 824871.

Please make sure you like our Facebook page as we post all service updates. If you have a change in contact details during your child’s time at Clearly Speaking, please get in touch ASAP so we can update our records.

Due to Covid-19, If you are a registered member, please make sure to book your child via phone on 01280 824871 for every session! We have limited places so its essential you book your child/yp. Availability also depends on volunteer numbers which will change the support we can offer and may result  in smaller groups on offer. If you turn up on the day without booking, You will be turned away for the safety of staff and clearly members.